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Mr & Mrs Wallace

We found ABC Legal through an advert in the Metro and decided to get in touch. We had a meeting in Bournemouth with Paul, who was very good; very professional and he was able to answer all of our questions. Our Legal Liaison Officer, a lady named Catherine, has been very good and has kept in contact with us throughout the exit. We would rate both of them 5*. The exit has been good and the overall service has been fine, we would rate ABC Legal 4*

Ms Murray & Ms Lindsay

After viewing an advert on Facebook, I decided to get in touch with ABC Legal. I spoke with a gentleman named Tom who was professional and answered all my questions, he was very good, so I would rate him 5 out of 5. Louise was my Legal Liaison Officer who was very good and professional as she kept me up to date with lots of emails. I would rate her 5 out of 5. Overall, the service I received from ABC Legal was very good. The timescale was slightly longer than expected as I went on holiday, so I wasn’t able to keep in contact. I would rate ABC Legal 5 out of 5 and I would recommend them to other people looking to exit.

Mr & Mrs Gillespie

Saw an advert in a Newspaper or magazine (not sure which) and was interested in the services offered regarding exiting my timeshare. I had an initial appointment with Phil who was very informative and professional. I would give him a 4* rating. Louise my LLO has kept me updated throughout the process and again I have found her to be very professional. I would give her a 5* rating. Overall, the process was very efficient although a little slower than I expected but I do understand these things take time. If I knew of anyone who was looking to exit a timeshare, I would highly recommend the company and I give a 5* rating.

Mr & Mrs Wood

Our first consultation with Tom was brilliant, we found him to be very knowledgeable and informative. 5* rating. Our LLO Louise was very helpful and kept in contact regularly throughout the process. 5* rating. The time it took to exit our time share from beginning to end was very quick which we were very surprised about. The service ABC Legal provide is excellent and we would certainly recommend. We give ABC Legal a 5* rating

Mr & Mrs Jackson

We received a brochure from ABC Legal and had a look into the company, shortly after we decided to get in touch and made an appointment with Phill. He was informative and polite all the way through – we have no complaints at all. We’d rate Phill 5*. We have now received our exit certificate within the timescale, it didn’t take too long. Overall ABC Legal has been good and we would recommend them to other timeshare owners.

Mr & Mrs Phillips

We received a call from ABC Legal and arranged an appointment in Bournemouth with Paul. He was very competent and went over everything with a fine-toothed comb.

Mr Tyler

We were really busy with selling and buying houses that something had to give – we decided it was time to get rid of our timeshare. I found an old mouse mat from ABC Legal and decided to give them a ring! We had an appointment with Tom, he was very easy to talk to and wasn’t pushy, I find if people are pushy, I tend to back off a little bit, so that was good for me. The timescale was what we expected. Cheyne, our Legal Liaison Officer, kept us updated throughout the process where necessary. Overall, I would rate ABC Legal and Tom 4*, everyone was courteous and polite. I had a good experience and I would say it’s worth enquiring to see what your options are.

Mr & Mrs Fernandez

After seeing ABC Legal advertised on the internet, I went on to make an appointment with a gentleman named Paul in the Bournemouth office. Paul was professional, informative and very helpful. I would rate him 4 out of 5. My Legal Liaison Officer was a lady named Louise. She was also very helpful, so I would rate her 4 out of 5. Overall, I am very happy with the service ABC Legal have provided me and it was a big relief to receive the exit certificates. I would rate ABC Legal 4 out of 5 and I would recommend them to other people looking to exit.

Mr & Mrs Williams

We found an ad for ABC Legal in a newspaper and decided to contact them. We made an appointment with Jean Pierre who was helpful and polite. I would rate Jean Pierre and our Legal Liaison Officer, Cheyne, 4*. We’re happy with the services of ABC Legal and would recommend them to others in our situation.

Mr & Mrs Brown

We first contacted ABC Legal after we were referred to them by EZE Group. We had an appointment with Jean Pierre in Tenerife. He was knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. Louise, our Legal Liaison Officer, was very polite and knowledgeable and took us through the rest of the process. We would rate Jean Pierre and Louise 3*, and ABC Legal as a whole 4*.

Mr & Mrs Eastwood

After coming into contact with ABC Legal, I went on to make an appointment in the Bournemouth office with a lady named Lisa. Lisa was Knowledgeable, professional and took time to explain the whole exit process, she was very helpful. I would rate her 5 out of 5. My Legal Liaison Officer was a lady named Rachael who was also very good, so I would rate her 5 out of 5. Overall, the service that ABC Legal provided to me was very good and I would recommend them to other people looking to exit their timeshare. I do have one friend in mind which I have recommended ABC Legal to and told them it is worth doing.

Mr Armson

We saw ABC advertised locally and booked an appointment as we have now retired and are no longer taking holidays. We felt at ease and comfortable during the meeting where Jean Pierre explained everything.The timescale set out was good, things went as explained, and although we would have liked to have more visibility of the process, we are now very happy bunnies to receive a formal acknowledgement from our resort that the timeshare contract has now ended. We would recommend ABC for exit services; our annual saving now will be around 1000 dollars per year!

Mr & Mrs Morrott

We knew someone who worked in Tenerife and decided that we would come along to ABC Legal and find out what our options were. We met with Stuart, he was professional and helpful, he was very good with us. The service so far has been good, I have been kept informed. I would rate the service 5*. They did a lot of work to achieve my exit and it was all within a satisfactory timescale. Cheyne, my Legal Liaison Officer kept me updated throughout. I would certainly recommend the services of ABC Legal to others if they were looking to exit from their timeshare.

Ms Kunz

I met with Jean-Pierre in Tenerife, he was very good, and I would rate him 4/5, I had a good holiday in Tenerife. Following on from the meeting I was allocated my Legal Liaison Officer Louise, she kept in regular contact with me and was able to answer my questions. The timescale of my exit was satisfactory.

Mr & Mrs Tarver

I have found ABC Legal to be quite professional. I attended an appointment in Bournemouth and spoke to Carl and I found him to be OK. Since the appointment I have been speaking to Lesley from the legal team who has kept me informed as the process is moving forward. I have found her to be very good and would give her a 4* rating. I would also give ABC Legal an overall rating of 4*.

Mr & Mrs Harvey

I received my compensation with Lansdown Financial and I am so happy with my experiences. Harkieran, my Legal Claims Handler, was really professional and helpful. I would rate her 3*.

Mr Stanley

My granddaughter saw an advert for, ABC on Facebook, so I contacted them and spoke with Andrew who made an appointment for me to go to York. In York I met with Phill who was very knowledgeable and explained everything very clearly. I feel happy that ABC are going to help me get rid of this burden, so I don’t have to leave it to my family.

Mr & Mrs Pirie

I had an appointment with ABC in York earlier this year, I met with Phill, a Senior Claims Assessor, who I found to be extremely understanding and helpful of our situation. Around 10 weeks later ABC had achieved our exit from our time share contract as promised. I was so happy that I am now seeking more advice regarding a different ownership that I have and have absolutely no doubt that they will once again do as promised. I would most defiantly recommend ABC to anyone in the same situation. They do what it says on the tin.

Mr & Mrs Coppin

We got in touch with ABC Legal after speaking to someone about the service. The company have kept us informed about what is going on. I would rate the service that we have received 5 out of 5. We first spoke about this back in February, we wanted to use our timeshare in May. We mentioned this to the company and they said nothing would be done until after our holiday and that suited us absolutely fine. We saw Stuart, he was very professional and polite. I would score Stuart a 5. We then spoke with Louise who has been in contact where necessary. I would score her a 5 as well. At the present we haven’t got anybody in mind to refer to ABC Legal.

Mr Fordham

Today has been good, I had a pretty good idea of what I was coming to and knew what to expect. Lisa is really nice, and she did very well. I’ve researched this sort of thing a lot and there are a lot of people who seem to be ignoring their timeshare resorts demands for payments, and sort of writing the whole thing off. To be honest if I thought there would be no comeback I would do the same, but I feel that I am in a situation with my timeshare where I can’t really leave it and do nothing. My wife died fairly recently, and I don’t want my son to have to deal with the mess. Until MGM took over, we made good use of it, but I have let them know that it is no longer suitable for me and asked to sell it. Of course, they just ignored me and I don’t want to pay the maintenance, but I don’t want the hassle of going to court either, so this really is my only option.

Mr Dobson

Both My wife and myself were a bit concerned after all the hype about timeshare as we really didn’t want our kids to be burdened by ours at Club La Costa. We applied to an advert resulting in us attending a very informative meeting with lots of advice to where we stood and what our options were. The consultants we saw were very knowledgeable indeed. We are now confirmed as ex timeshare owners and awaiting result from our compensation claim, which We have to say is a huge relief indeed. Going by our personnel experience we would definitely recommend the service of ABC Lawyers.

Mr & Mrs Dobson

I originally got in touch with ABC Lawyers following an advert on a website. The advisors and customer service has been very good, and now I don’t have to be paying any maintenance charges.  I received a good service overall.

Mrs & Mrs Lockey

After seeing an advert in the newspaper, we contacted ABC Lawyers. We are very happy with our overall experience. Everything was done as we had been advised. The staff really knew what they were talking about and were very helpful and professional. We would recommend the service without a doubt.

Mr & Mrs Symington

Our timeshare resort has outlived its use. We have had some good holidays over the years, but times and things change. We saw an advert in the Caravan Club magazine, so thought a trip to York might help us make a decision either way. Everyone has been so helpful and things thoroughly explained.  We have decided to use ABC lawyers, and the legal services which are available to us.

Mr & Mrs Blackshaw

We are disappointed in our timeshare resort. We owned in the lake district, and when we spoke with them they said they would pursue us until the end of the contract, which meant it would go down in our estate. We were very unhappy about that and didn’t realise that at the time of purchase. We used our timeshare every year, but we didn’t want our family to inherit our debt, which is why we decided to get in touch with ABC Lawyers. We initially spoke with someone over the phone and so far, we are happy. Now that we have exited, we are waiting to hear about claiming compensation. The advisors have been helpful and we would recommend ABC Lawyers to others.

Mrs Gardner

I can’t remember if it was an advert or online that I came across ABC Lawyers, but we initially went to the appointment to sell our timeshare. When I arrived, I got talking to the advisor and decided to go down the exit route instead. My experience with ABC Lawyers has been very good indeed, I have no problems what so ever. I feel fine now that I have achieved my exit. The advisors, especially Louise, have been excellent and have done everything they said they would do. They are even trying to get me compensation now. It didn’t take that long to exit my timeshare at all really, just a few months, which was better than I expected. I have already recommended ABC Lawyers to 1 or 2 people. I really feel that ABC Lawyers have helped me, because I owned my timeshare in Madeira for 40 years, and I didn’t want my children paying for it until I was 105, which is what I was told would happen. The maintenance has gone up and up, and I used it faithfully for many years until my husband died. After my husband died I went back again, and I was tricked into buying something new. It cost me a lot of money and I didn’t realise that it would go on until I turned 105. I feel that it has been worth it for the children’s sake, and my own piece of mind.

Mr & Mrs Jesson

Due to my age and illness which may prevent me from flying in the future, I would no longer use my timeshare and at my age I just wanted to get it sorted – so me and my wife went to Tenerife for one week and we were put in the picture of how to proceed. My experience was good, Victoria dealt with everything efficiently, the advisors were all very good, in-fact I could have done with them in my business! The service has been good and that is what we were really interested in, we received the service that was described to us.  I would recommend ABC Lawyers to other timeshare owners.

Mr & Mrs Lower

We have been going to our timeshare in Malta for many years, but we felt it was time to move on and use the service of ABC Lawyers to try and exit. In the short amount of time that we have been in contact with ABC Lawyers, everything seems to have gone okay. Whenever we have had to speak to anyone, in particular Cheyne, we haven’t had any problems. I had no idea of how long it would take to achieve the exit and it ended up being fairly quick. Overall it was very satisfactory and if we were directly asked, we would recommend this service.

Mr & Mrs Bryden Smith

I saw an advert for ABC Lawyers in the paper, and I can say that I would absolutely recommend their services to other timeshare owners. Many years ago, you could book with RCI 3-6 months in advance to go anywhere. It’s now gone down the pan and is absolutely useless, and booking 2 years in advance for the place that you want to go is ridiculous. We have been paying maintenance and getting no holidays. Our experience with ABC Lawyers has been very good. Now that we have achieved our exit we are looking at claiming compensation. We are relieved to be exited, and our advisor Lesley has been particularly good, always very polite. I can say that the overall service has been very good.

Mr & Mrs Turner

The timeshare was originally bought so the kids would have something, now they don’t want nor need it, we need to sort it out. We saw an advert on line and filled the survey in, someone called and here we are. Hopefully ABC lawyers can help, so we don’t leave the hassle to the kids.

Mr & Mrs Butterworth

It has been no harm having the timeshare, we have used it a lot, but things seem to be changing. We cannot get the weeks or duration we want, and as it is in Hawaii, 6 days is not long enough.

Mr & Mrs Mason

We have had calls from other companies, regarding our timeshare, but now we have decided not to use it, when you called, we decided to come and see you. Age is becoming a factor and we prefer cruises now rather than beach or pool holidays.

Mr & Mrs Gladstone

We owned in Los Gigantes, but we are not holidaying anymore as it’s a bit difficult for us now, so we decided it was time to get out. Our experience with ABC Lawyers has been very straight forward. The timescale was good, roughly what they said it would be. We are now trying to get back some compensation. The advisors have always been upfront and helpful, and overall so far so good. Everything we have been told that would happen in a timescale has happened, and we are not finished yet. I would definitely recommend ABC Lawyers to others.

Mr & Mrs Dean

I spoke to someone over the phone a while back, and I can say that my experience with ABC Lawyers has been very good and very clear. Our advisor Rachel has been fine, very helpful. I would say that the service has been very good, and I think I would definitely recommend you to other timeshare owners. I bought my timeshare in Tenerife, and have owned it since 1990. It was a mistake and an expensive experience. We have never been back, as it’s not a place that we really want to go.

Mr & Mrs Brewer

This is a very good service to use, whether that be the advisors, the process or just overall. I wanted out of my timeshare as I can’t take the sun anymore, and have various health issues. ABC Lawyers took care of that for me, and I would recommend them to other timeshare owners in the same situation.

Ms Lovegrove

Thank you for everyone’s help from start to finish. I would recommend your service to anyone that is in the same situation as myself.

Mr & Mrs Owen

Our advisor Paul was very friendly and helpful today, I would definitely recommend your service to anyone in the same or similar position.

Ms Branczik

I would give the services at ABC Lawyers a 7/10! I first spoke with someone over the phone and find that my experience with you has been good. Now that I have achieved my exit I feel good, and am expecting to receive some money back also. My exit went smoothly and the advisors have been absolutely fine.

Ms Stevenson

I was hesitant at the start but you have proved me wrong with all the information you have provided me.  I am pleased to know that finally I will no longer have to worry about owning or paying for my timeshare.

Mr & Mrs Grater

The advisors at ABC Lawyers have been very helpful to me, in getting out of my timeshare. The fees at our timeshare were continually increasing, and we are at a time in our life where we don’t need to be continually harassed for money. The exit has all gone smoothly enough, from start to finish.