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Mr & Mrs Sharp

We initially bought our timeshare so we could take our family on holiday, but there was never any availability in school holidays, we only ever used it once. A few years ago we spoke to another company to try to get out of it, but didn’t feel they were very professional so we didn’t go ahead with them. Ian at ABC Legal is very confident that an exit can be achieved and has explained everything to us, we look forward to taking him out for dinner to celebrate when we have been exited.

Ms Bowler have been very helpful, understanding and efficient. They have met my expectations regarding the estimated time quoted to finalise our extrication. Now that we have achieved our exit, we feel so relieved and grateful. You have achieved our exit in 3 months, and we have been trying to do this for 12 years. I would say that the Legal Support Advisors are very knowledgeable, and they have answered all my questions efficiently. The overall services I have received is great and I would definitely recommend the services of I don’t think there is anything you can do to improve your services.

Mr & Mrs Hogg

We heard about ABC from a newspaper article We have found them to be most professional and Phil is extremely knowledgeable and most reassuring. We would most defiantly recommend ABC to anyone in the same situation as us.

Mr Kunman & Ms Sailsbury

I went to Tenerife and met with Jean Pierre, he was exceptional. Ginny has kept me informed of what has been going on. If I need information, I email Ginny and she gets someone to get to back to me. I have received a certificate to say that I have exited from my timeshare.

Mr & Mrs Thompson

ABC Lawyers have been brilliant really, receiving our exit certificate is a relief to me and my husband. We saw Jean Pierre in Tenerife and he was really good, covered everything and gave us all the information that we needed. I would rate ABC Lawyers 9 out of 10. If I knew any timeshare owners I would recommend ABC Lawyers service to them.

Mr Dolphin & Ms Boyce

I saw an advert and I hung on to it for a number of years, eventually I called the number. The man that I spoke to on the call went through everything that they do with regards to timeshare. That is how it all began. We then went to see an advisor named Tom in Stratford Upon Avon, he was very professional and helpful, he explained all of it to me so that we could understand it all properly. There was no real pressure either saying this is what you should do, he clearly explained this is what we do, this is what it costs, and the decision is entirely yours. The Legal Liaison team were always very helpful too. I would recommend this service to anyone else looking to exit from their timeshare.

Ms Rowe

I saw an advertisement and I had been thinking about it for years. In the end I just couldn’t keep paying the high cost maintenance bills which just kept rising each year. So, I decided I would make a phone call. I was very nervous, I got a lovely gentleman on the phone who put me totally at ease, I was given an appointment and I went to the office in Stratford Upon Avon. The meeting was so good, I again was immediately put at ease by the advisor Tom. My exit was achieved and the timescale for this was fine. During this I was kept in touch with by Chloe my Legal Liaison Officer, she was so helpful because I am such a nervous person, I’m always afraid I do it wrong, therefore I kept calling her, she never complained about this at all, she just dealt with my query and everything was good. This is a 5* service that I would absolutely recommend!

Mr & Mrs Davies

We found Karen friendly, informative and professional and we were very comfortable at the meeting. We´re glad to have found a solution when it comes to the timeshare.

Mr & Mrs Edwards

The time it took to exit my timeshare was a little longer than expected but there were 7 others on it so it was little more complicated. Anyone that I have spoken to have been all very good. Ginny has been excellent. I would ABC Lawyers performance so far 4 & ½ out of 5.

Mr & Mrs Lindsley

We originally got in touch with ABC Lawyers after picking up a leaflet I saw in the doctors. I had the leaflet for a while and I had wanted to do something for ages but had been scared to actually do something. One morning I then sent an email. I can’t complain about the service that we have received, obviously we have exited from the timeshare and we received the certificate this week. I would rate the service 5 out of 5. The timescale given for the exit was just what it was said to be, so I have no complaints there. We had a meeting with Phil and he told us everything what we need to know. I was a bit scared, you hear about all this bogus companies but Phil left it for us to decide. I would rate Phil a 5*, I’ve got no complaints. We haven’t had a lot of communication with the company but to be fair there hasn’t needed to be, we asked them to do something and they have done it. We have had the contact when necessary. I’ve got no complaints at all, I’m completely happy. We don’t know anyone personally who owns timeshare but someone at work has just bought timeshare and I’ve told them to let me know if they are wanting out and I’ll pass them ABC Lawyers details.

Mr & Mrs Goodger

We were receiving calls from other companies in the past and we always were happy with our timeshare. We then received a letter from a committee meeting with changes, the timeshare company could never offer the times we wanted and, in the end, enough was enough. We then got in touch with ABC Lawyers, who sent us a brochure for us to look at. When we initially went to see Tom in Stratford, he explained everything to us, I would rate Tom 5 out of 5. Tom told us that we would exit our timeshare by June and it was done. The company have done what they said they would do. I am very impressed to definitely be out of our timeshare, I have received the exit certificate. Very, very pleased. I’ve got no complaints, I would recommend ABC Lawyers to other people looking to exit but I don’t know anyone at the moment. I would have no hesitation if I come across anyone. If I’m truthful, it was made to sound so easy and I was a little bit skeptical but it’s all been done.

Mr & Mrs Pirie

I was in communication with ABC Lawyers after seeing an advert that I’d picked up. I went to see Phil in York, I would rate him 5 out of 5. He gave us time to discuss things. We have been speaking to Lesley, all questions have been answered and if I’ve asked for someone to call back it has always happened. I am relieved to be out of the ownership. The performance of the company so far has been 5 out of 5, we’ve been satisfied.

Mr & Mrs Crosby

It’s all been handled very well. I said to my wife that, the first sign of pressure, and we will be out like a shot. It wasn’t like that at all. I am glad we came and are as happy as we can be.

Mr & Mrs Field

We originally spoke to ABC Lawyers over the phone and the experience with them has been good. Silverpoint haven’t been very helpful through all of this, but our exit is now finalised.

Mr & Mrs Ford

I was originally with Justice4, that’s how we got in contact with yourselves. ABC have been very professional, and the staff have always rang back when they said they would and have answered my questions. The exit certificates have arrived, we bought an ownership with Seasons. I would certainly rate ABC 4/5 and recommend their services as they are very professional. Rachael has kept us abridged with everything that is happening.

Mr & Mrs O’Etareri

We first contacted ABC Lawyers after seeing an advert in a magazine. So far, the experience has been ok. If we have had to call Rachael for any information, which we don’t have to do that much, the communication has been ok. The timescale we were given was satisfactory and we feel relieved to have exited from our timeshare.  I would recommend ABC Lawyers to other people.

Mr & Mrs Lindsley

I saw the advert in a magazine in a doctor’s waiting room and didn’t do anything about it for about 3 months. I’m so glad we did, everything has been straight forward, and we feel as though we have been very well looked after. We should have come to see you sooner & we look forward to seeing how everything goes.

Mr & Mrs Askew

We haven’t used out timeshare for quite a while as we have been exchanging our week. So many things have changed over the last couple of years and it’s not a pleasure to go anymore. We much prefer to stay in a Hotel nowadays and let someone else make our bed, it feels much more like a holiday. We are happy to let ABC Lawyers take care of the legalities on our behalf and look forward to luxury holidays in the future.

Mr & Mrs Uytenbogaardt

I received a phone call and was given an option to go to Tenerife. The service so far has been good, I would rate it 4*. The timescale of the exit was what I expected, and we have received our exit certificate. The meeting in Tenerife with Jean Pierre was ok, he explained everything that we wanted to know, I would rate him 4*. Lesley was in regular contact with us where necessary and addressed any questions we had. I would recommend ABC to other people that wanted to exit. Overall, I would give a 4* rating.

Mrs Askey

We actually have used our timeshare quite a lot over the last 27 years, but with age and health we are finding it a bit of a struggle. It’s something that we don’t need to be worrying about anymore, and the kids don’t want it. Everybody at ABC Lawyers have been lovely. 10/10. 5/5-star rating.

Ms Tennant

My neighbor seen your advert in a magazine, I had previously tried contacting the timeshare company to ask them to sell it, but nothing. My husband died 7 years ago so I really wanted rid of the timeshare. I thought I would try your company and see how it goes, and now I am delighted, the experience has been brilliant as I have not had to bother with anything and just let you get on with it.  The advisors are very nice and have always kept me up to date with everything, when we spoke with David he was excellent.  I’m delighted to have achieved my exit, in fact I am going on holiday next week!!  I would certainly recommend this company to anyone who has problems with their timeshare.

Mr & Mrs Patel

We firstly spoke with our timeshare about an exit, and they said that if we exited we wouldn’t be able to get anything back. We first spoke with someone from ABC Lawyers over the phone, and they said we should get compensation and we decided to go ahead. The advisors have been direct, straightforward and helpful.

Mr & Mrs Murch

I saw an advert somewhere for ABC Lawyers, and got in touch. The advisors always seem to know what they’re talking about and are helpful. I am waiting for the final outcome before I rate the overall service, but I would recommend ABC Lawyers to other owners. The timescale of my exit has been fine so far and I am happy with that. The reason that we got in contact is because I am 83 now, and I didn’t want my wife to be lumbered with it when I go. We have had our timeshare for 30 years and travelled all over the world with it. We owned at MacDonald’s who have resorts in the U.K., but as we can’t drive now we can’t use the resorts here either.

Mrs Walker

My friend saw the advert in a magazine and passed the details on to me and I followed that up. I am 85 years old, a widow and the fact of the matter is that my family do not want the timeshare. They have no interest in it at all, so it was far easier to deal with this while I am still around. ABC Lawyers have been very helpful to me and I now feel very relieved that my friend saw the advert and I am now out of my timeshare contract. Throughout, I have been able to call and speak to the advisors if need be. It’s reassuring to know that I wasn’t just shelved: this is a service I would recommend if anyone else is in a comparable situation.

Mr & Mrs Hinshelwood

We researched the Internet for specialists in exiting timeshare and came across ABC Lawyers .  The information is clear but very comprehensive. Once we receive confirmation that we no longer own the Timeshare we would most certainly recommend you to other people like ourselves, who no longer want the whole responsibility of something we don’t use.

Dr & Dr Jones

I’m not quite sure how we first made contact with you, it’s been quite a while ago now, I think it was my husband who did that part of it. We managed to exit our timeshare and that’s the most important thing. The service was good and we were delighted when we exited our ownership, it was the purpose of our visit. Jo seemed to know everything that we needed to know, she was good. We were happy with the level of service that we received. I think my husband may have already recommended ABC Lawyers to other people but I’m not sure if they have acted on it.

Mr & Mrs Fraser

We saw an advert in the paper so got in touch.  Everyone has been great, done everything we needed on time and here we are.  The cost of living is rising and we feel the timeshare will soon become a luxury we cannot afford, so changes need to be made sooner rather than later.

Mr & Mrs Bryce

After searching online, we originally looked to use another company to get us out of our timeshare, but until we wanted to cancel the appointment, they did not seem that interested.  I had done some searching online and ABC Lawyers came up. After investigating further, we finally made the appointment and met and spoke to David.  I am glad we did cancel the other company. ABC Lawyers have been professional throughout.

Mr & Mrs Dickerson

Having tried different companies to sell our points 18 months ago with little return, we contacted ABC Lawyers as we have spoken to them before. I want a company to take the whole thing off our hands, and give us the peace of mind.  We will eventually be out of the whole timeshare industry. After speaking with Lee & Diane we believe we have done that, and the compensation will be forthcoming after the exit has been achieved.

Mr & Mrs Baxter

Very happy with the service we received from ABC lawyers, I would recommend them in the future. It was all completed a lot quicker than I first expected and the staff were very helpful when contacted with any queries.

Mr Simpson & Ms Kay

I have had my timeshare for 25 years; however, I can no longer use it due to health and age. I saw ABC Lawyers advertised online, and enquired. Throughout the process, I haven’t had to contact ABC a lot, as I have been kept informed and everything has been fine. The timescale that it took to exit was as expected, and as advised. It was a perfect service, with no problems whatsoever, which I would recommend to other timeshare owners.

Mr Metcalfe

My wife spoke with somebody over the telephone who explained that there was an option to exit timeshare and so we made an appointment. I think I understand everything and everyone has been very pleasant. We have been through so much with our timeshare.

Mr Mullan & Mrs Quigley

I owned two timeshares, one at Anfi Beach and the other was a Paradiso week. The reason that we got in contact with ABC Lawyers is because I’m retired now, and paying the fees in the future could be a problem. So far, I think that the service with ABC Lawyers has been very good and I would recommend the services to others.

Mr Mills

I got in touch with ABC Lawyers through Timeshare Council.  I’ve never done anything like this before but they did exactly what they said they would do.  The staff have been professional throughout.  I had no problems at all and I received correspondence throughout and I could get in touch whenever I needed. From my experience, I would recommend this service to other timeshare owners.

Mr & Mrs Thackery

We liked the area we stayed in, and when we were offered 4 weeks of timeshare, we jumped at the chance. Once the signatures were done, it all changed. One week available, with other weeks in different resorts etc. It is such a shame, as at the age of 80, we don’t need the hassle. We feel like one of the family with ABC Lawyers , everyone from the first call, to meeting Lee and Diane have been so helpful. No one has treated us like old age pensioners, and when we asked, if our son & daughter in law could come, and help us in our decision, there was no hesitation in them saying yes, of course they can. We knew then there was nothing to hide by them, so felt comfortable in coming to York to the meeting.

Mr Lewis

Can’t quite remember how I was introduced to ABC Lawyers but seem to recall visiting Destination Show in London and completing a survey. Information was sent out to me and found it very interesting and decided to make appointment. Very pleased with the outcome.

Mr & Mrs Wilson

We saw your advert in the paper and the experience with ABC Lawyers has been very good. The advisors have been very helpful, professional and direct. Whatever I asked, if there was something I wasn’t sure of, I got a prompt answer and there wasn’t a time where they couldn’t help me with anything. Very helpful! I thought that the timescale was quite good as we were told that it could vary. When our exit came through we were pleasantly surprised and our overall rating would be very high to be honest, probably on a scale of around 8 or 9 out of 10. I would recommend the service of ABC Lawyers, but I don’t know of anyone with timeshare anymore.

Mr & Mrs Hopkins

We are over the moon to have gotten rid of the burden of our timeshare in Las Vegas which we only used a couple of times, it wasn’t all bright lights and luxury holidays. ABC Lawyers were very helpful and knowledgeable. Overall a recommendable a good service.

Mr Crosby & Miss Anthony

We bought the timeshare as an investment, when we were flush and had a bit of money. Things have changed, and our priorities have moved to children and family. We feel as though ABC lawyers can help us move away for the maintenance increases, and give us back the freedom of holidaying in different areas.

Mr & Mrs Pegrum

I did get confirmation of my exit quite a while ago. My experience with ABC Lawyers has been ok, the exit has been great. Carl was very good, the overall level of service on the exit was excellent. Yes, I would recommend ABC Lawyers services to other timeshare owners.