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Mr & Mrs Martin

We found everyone very easy to talk to. We were very stressed out, because we were paying out a lot of money, and not getting the service from our resort. Thank you for your time and help.

Mr & Mrs Wootton

We had decided that, no matter what, we were going to get rid of our timeshare this year, one way or another. We tried last year with a company that couldn’t help us. We met with ABC Lawyers at just the right time.

Mr & Mrs Holland

Our timeshare resort has been sold to a bigger company so there is nothing personal to it anymore, we are just owners and it doesn’t feel special.  It is in India and we wanted to go for a long period once we retired so banked a lot of weeks. Since it has been taken over there always seems to be an issue with the times so we decided now was the time to leave.  Everyone has been so helpful here, explained everything fully and we feel happy in the fact we are being helped in getting out.

Mr & Mrs Jones

Saw an advert in the newspaper and called.  We don’t use the timeshare anymore and feel we are paying the fees to supplement others.  It has been taken over and the place is not what it was when we bought it, not exclusive anymore, so we have decided to move on.  Because everyone has been so helpful, we know we have found the right company to help us.

Mr & Mrs Hawley

We had been really worried about leaving a millstone around our son’s neck and decided to get rid of our timeshare sooner rather than later.  We did some investigation on the Internet and came across ABC Lawyers.  We received some information through the post and, after reading through it, decided we would like to go forward.  We spoke again with our son and he definitely didn’t want the burden of the ownership.  We have found the whole process easy to follow, all our questions and concerns have been addressed, and we are now relieved that we no longer have the worry of the ownership.

Mr & Mrs Alexander

We received a call, and decided to come see ABC Lawyers as we are a little disillusioned with the timeshare system.  You call to book a holiday and there is no allocation for the weeks we want.  Then you look on the holiday websites and they are offering All Inclusive at the same place and cheaper.  Plus, we do not want to burden the children with any of this when we are not here. Everyone has been so kind and, through sitting with David, we understand how the process will work so are happy.

Mr & Mrs Hunter

We came across the advertisement for ABC Lawyers in the Daily Mirror and decided it was something we would like to look into.  We haven’t tried to exit this Timeshare before.  We found that we have been given plenty of information, probably more than we need but been given a clear explanation.  We are very happy with the service we have received personally and don’t think that any improvement is needed.

Mr James

When we bought our timeshare, we understood we could pass it on to our family or simply hand it back whenever we wanted to, we didn’t realise that the contract was in perpetuity. We don’t want our daughter to be left responsible for this.  Although our family solicitor would look after her legal needs should something happen to us, this could go on for years as he perhaps would not understand the agreements as he doesn’t specialise in Timeshare laws as ABC Lawyers do.

Mr & Mrs Wickens

My experience with ABC Lawyers has been very good. Any time I have had to call for an update or had any questions the advisor has always been helpful. It was a relief to complete my exit. The overall service from ABC Lawyers was very good. The timescale for this to come through was as expected and I’d be quite happy to recommend the services of ABC Lawyers to other timeshare owners.

Mr & Mrs Lambord

After looking online and coming across ABC Lawyers, we got in touch via telephone and so far, so good. We owned with Canal Boats, which we used once. Even though it was a good holiday we are very grateful that we are out now, and we are just waiting to see what happens with our compensation claim. The advisors have been brilliant overall, very, very good. I would recommend ABC Lawyers to other timeshare owners.

Mr Bolton

ABC Lawyers is a very straight forward service, with which I was very content with the way I was treated. Having achieved my exit, I now feel relieved. The timescale overall was as I expected it to be, and I would recommend this service.

Mr & Mrs Lewis

We first got in touch with ABC Lawyers after seeing an advert while sitting out in the sunshine. We have been dealing with Rachael and she is absolutely 100%, she has dealt with us and helped us. It has been a tricking thing to do. Rachael has been unbelievably helpful. Anyone we have spoken to has been more than helpful. It is very much a relief to have achieved the exit. It took a little bit longer then we hoped but I think a lot of it was our fault. We are very happy and content to have had the letter confirming that we don’t have the timeshare anymore. I would rate the service as 4 & ¾ out of 5, I can’t find any reason not to. If anyone asked me I would then tell them about ABC Lawyers.

Mr & Mrs Wilson

We saw your advert in the paper and the experience with ABC Lawyers has been very good. The advisors have been very helpful, professional and direct. Whatever I asked, if there was something I wasn’t sure of, I got a prompt answer and there wasn’t a time where they couldn’t help me with anything. Very helpful! I thought that the timescale was quite good as we were told that it could vary. When our exit came through we were pleasantly surprised and our overall rating would be very high to be honest, probably on a scale of around 8 or 9 out of 10. I would recommend the service of ABC Lawyers, but I don’t know of anyone with timeshare anymore.

Mr & Mrs Baxter

Very happy with the service we received from ABC lawyers, I would recommend them in the future. It was all completed a lot quicker than I first expected and the staff were very helpful when contacted with any queries.

Mr & Mrs Bryce

After searching online, we originally looked to use another company to get us out of our timeshare, but until we wanted to cancel the appointment, they did not seem that interested.  I had done some searching online and ABC Lawyers came up. After investigating further, we finally made the appointment and met and spoke to David.  I am glad we did cancel the other company. ABC Lawyers have been professional throughout.

Mrs Walker

My friend saw the advert in a magazine and passed the details on to me and I followed that up. I am 85 years old, a widow and the fact of the matter is that my family do not want the timeshare. They have no interest in it at all, so it was far easier to deal with this while I am still around. ABC Lawyers have been very helpful to me and I now feel very relieved that my friend saw the advert and I am now out of my timeshare contract. Throughout, I have been able to call and speak to the advisors if need be. It’s reassuring to know that I wasn’t just shelved: this is a service I would recommend if anyone else is in a comparable situation.

Mr & Mrs Grater

The advisors at ABC Lawyers have been very helpful to me, in getting out of my timeshare. The fees at our timeshare were continually increasing, and we are at a time in our life where we don’t need to be continually harassed for money. The exit has all gone smoothly enough, from start to finish.

Mr & Mrs Brewer

This is a very good service to use, whether that be the advisors, the process or just overall. I wanted out of my timeshare as I can’t take the sun anymore, and have various health issues. ABC Lawyers took care of that for me, and I would recommend them to other timeshare owners in the same situation.

Mr & Mrs Gladstone

We owned in Los Gigantes, but we are not holidaying anymore as it’s a bit difficult for us now, so we decided it was time to get out. Our experience with ABC Lawyers has been very straight forward. The timescale was good, roughly what they said it would be. We are now trying to get back some compensation. The advisors have always been upfront and helpful, and overall so far so good. Everything we have been told that would happen in a timescale has happened, and we are not finished yet. I would definitely recommend ABC Lawyers to others.

Mr & Mrs Malton

5-star rating. We saw an advert in the newspaper and filled an online survey in. Once that was done, everything seemed to follow, a phone call from ABC Lawyers, hotel booked, taxi and here we are. It is my birthday soon, so a night away was a really nice way to celebrate. Lorraine organised our hotel and taxi’s, we never did a thing, she was in touch all the way. Phil was very informative and we learnt a few things from him, which made it more important we are out of our resort. The contracts were made simple by Diane and we have come away feeling relieved.

Mr & Mrs Rhodes

I had been actively searching how to get out of my timeshare and the resort told me I was tied in even though that wasn’t how it was sold to me. I came across ABC Lawyers . I had already met with another company that couldn’t deal with all aspects of my situation. On telephoning ABC Lawyers I found the staff brilliant, they were always helpful and polite. During our meeting Jean Pierre, it was clear on providing the information and we were advised of how things would move forward.

Mr & Mrs Taylor

4.5-star rating. We are fed up of the increased maintenance fees and think we can do better in booking holidays direct with the resort ourselves. We had not looked at getting rid of the timeshare, but certainly talked about it, so when we spoke to ABC Lawyers we thought we’d investigate it. You have to put your trust in someone and Phil and Diane were certainly knowledgeable and helpful. They came across as friendly and no pressure was put on us at all. I think we’ll put our trust in ABC.

Mr Joshi

I first got in touch with ABC Lawyers after dealing with another company. I went to see Paul, he was very polite, he explained everything and I remember him saying to exit would be within 3 months. I have been dealing with Louise and she has been very good with me, I would rate her a good 4 out of 5. She did her job admirably and has done everything she said she would. I have received two certificates which confirm my exit from timeshare which I am glad about.

Mr & Mrs Tuplin

4-star rating. We were approached by a company down south but were not happy with them. When I called Timeshare Council, they had not heard of them, but referred us to ABC Lawyers. We contacted you and everyone has been great, very helpful etc. Happy we stuck with the recommendation.

Mr & Mrs Fraser

4.5 stars. We heard about ABC Lawyers in the Candis Magazine so decided to call. We spoke to Andrew who gave us our options with no pressure at all. Everything that ABC Lawyers have done has been professional, clear and precise up until now. Phil and Kelly in the York office have made us realise what we need to be aware of with our timeshare.  We don’t want the children to inherit it, amongst other things. We are happy we decided to use ABC’s services.

Mr & Mrs Uytenbogaardt

I received a phone call and was given an option to go to Tenerife. The service so far has been good, I would rate it 4*. The timescale of the exit was what I expected, and we have received our exit certificate. The meeting in Tenerife with Jean Pierre was ok, he explained everything that we wanted to know, I would rate him 4*. Lesley was in regular contact with us where necessary and addressed any questions we had. I would recommend ABC to other people that wanted to exit. Overall, I would give a 4* rating.

Mr & Mrs Ford

I was originally with Justice4, that’s how we got in contact with yourselves. ABC have been very professional, and the staff have always rang back when they said they would and have answered my questions. The exit certificates have arrived, we bought an ownership with Seasons. I would certainly rate ABC 4/5 and recommend their services as they are very professional. Rachael has kept us abridged with everything that is happening.

Mr & Mrs Crosby

It’s all been handled very well. I said to my wife that, the first sign of pressure, and we will be out like a shot. It wasn’t like that at all. I am glad we came and are as happy as we can be.

Mr & Mrs Edwards

The time it took to exit my timeshare was a little longer than expected but there were 7 others on it so it was little more complicated. Anyone that I have spoken to have been all very good. Ginny has been excellent. I would ABC Lawyers performance so far 4 & ½ out of 5.

Mr Dolphin & Ms Boyce

I saw an advert and I hung on to it for a number of years, eventually I called the number. The man that I spoke to on the call went through everything that they do with regards to timeshare. That is how it all began. We then went to see an advisor named Tom in Stratford Upon Avon, he was very professional and helpful, he explained all of it to me so that we could understand it all properly. There was no real pressure either saying this is what you should do, he clearly explained this is what we do, this is what it costs, and the decision is entirely yours. The Legal Liaison team were always very helpful too. I would recommend this service to anyone else looking to exit from their timeshare.

Mr & Mrs Thompson

ABC Lawyers have been brilliant really, receiving our exit certificate is a relief to me and my husband. We saw Jean Pierre in Tenerife and he was really good, covered everything and gave us all the information that we needed. I would rate ABC Lawyers 9 out of 10. If I knew any timeshare owners I would recommend ABC Lawyers service to them.

Mr & Mrs Tarver

I have found ABC Legal to be quite professional. I attended an appointment in Bournemouth and spoke to Carl and I found him to be OK. Since the appointment I have been speaking to Lesley from the legal team who has kept me informed as the process is moving forward. I have found her to be very good and would give her a 4* rating. I would also give ABC Legal an overall rating of 4*.

Ms Kunz

I met with Jean-Pierre in Tenerife, he was very good, and I would rate him 4/5, I had a good holiday in Tenerife. Following on from the meeting I was allocated my Legal Liaison Officer Louise, she kept in regular contact with me and was able to answer my questions. The timescale of my exit was satisfactory.

Mr & Mrs Brown

We first contacted ABC Legal after we were referred to them by EZE Group. We had an appointment with Jean Pierre in Tenerife. He was knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. Louise, our Legal Liaison Officer, was very polite and knowledgeable and took us through the rest of the process. We would rate Jean Pierre and Louise 3*, and ABC Legal as a whole 4*.

Mr & Mrs Williams

We found an ad for ABC Legal in a newspaper and decided to contact them. We made an appointment with Jean Pierre who was helpful and polite. I would rate Jean Pierre and our Legal Liaison Officer, Cheyne, 4*. We’re happy with the services of ABC Legal and would recommend them to others in our situation.

Mr & Mrs Fernandez

After seeing ABC Legal advertised on the internet, I went on to make an appointment with a gentleman named Paul in the Bournemouth office. Paul was professional, informative and very helpful. I would rate him 4 out of 5. My Legal Liaison Officer was a lady named Louise. She was also very helpful, so I would rate her 4 out of 5. Overall, I am very happy with the service ABC Legal have provided me and it was a big relief to receive the exit certificates. I would rate ABC Legal 4 out of 5 and I would recommend them to other people looking to exit.

Mr Tyler

We were really busy with selling and buying houses that something had to give – we decided it was time to get rid of our timeshare. I found an old mouse mat from ABC Legal and decided to give them a ring! We had an appointment with Tom, he was very easy to talk to and wasn’t pushy, I find if people are pushy, I tend to back off a little bit, so that was good for me. The timescale was what we expected. Cheyne, our Legal Liaison Officer, kept us updated throughout the process where necessary. Overall, I would rate ABC Legal and Tom 4*, everyone was courteous and polite. I had a good experience and I would say it’s worth enquiring to see what your options are.

Mr & Mrs Wallace

We found ABC Legal through an advert in the Metro and decided to get in touch. We had a meeting in Bournemouth with Paul, who was very good; very professional and he was able to answer all of our questions. Our Legal Liaison Officer, a lady named Catherine, has been very good and has kept in contact with us throughout the exit. We would rate both of them 5*. The exit has been good and the overall service has been fine, we would rate ABC Legal 4*