Mr & Mrs Allen

We bought our timeshare in the UK 18 years ago and did make use of it. The site was partly shared with Hoseasons and unfortunately the timeshare side was closed down, so we were forced to sell it back. We saw the advert regarding compensation advertised in the Metro and glad we came, at the… Mr & Mrs Allen

Mr & Mrs Gilmore

We were looking to exit and saw a poster. To be honest we forgot about it then we received a phone call. We are actually really pleased with how our meeting went and the explanation has been straightforward.

Mr & Mrs Gardiner

We came to seek advice from ABC Legal as we have never been able to use up all of our points, but paid maintenance for them all each year. We did try to use them but never seemed to able to book the dates we wanted. ABC Legal have explained the process of exit and… Mr & Mrs Gardiner

Mr & Mrs Cowley

I did quite a bit of research and read all the reviews and decided to contact Timeshare Compensation. The service so far has been very good. We had a meeting in York back in April and everything about it was good. We met with Phil who was very knowledgeable, professional, polite and reassuring about the… Mr & Mrs Cowley

Mr & Mrs Street

We know people who have already exited their timeshare ownership as a result of ABC’s work and they were happy with the service. Ian has been great with providing us with all the information clearly.

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