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Mr & Mrs Cowley

I did quite a bit of research and read all the reviews and decided to contact Timeshare Compensation. The service so far has been very good. We had a meeting in York back in April and everything about it was good. We met with Phil who was very knowledgeable, professional, polite and reassuring about the service, I would rate him a 5*. Lesley was made our point of contact. I spoke with her a couple of times and she was very thorough, delivering what she said she would. I would also rate her a 5*. We have achieved a satisfactory exit in a reasonably short space of time. I would rate the overall service 5*.

Mr & Mrs Gardiner

My wife saw an advert in the metro, we had been discussing what to do with our timeshare on and off for a couple of years. We phoned to book an appointment and managed to get one for Stratford Upon Avon that coincided with a holiday we had planned in Cheshire. Tom was very informative at the meeting, he was able to explain how we may be eligible for a claim, he covered everything in detail and answered all of our questions.

Mr & Mrs Jenkinson

My Mum gave me a newspaper cut out which I ignored for about 6 months. Now that we have been to see you today, we realise we should have contacted you sooner. We are very happy with all of the information given. Phill was great, we left with no questions as he addressed them all, everything we needed to know was covered. The company has done everything it said it would and we have exited our ownership without any stress. Everyone has been very helpful. I would give a 5 star rating for the service.

Mr & Mrs Monks

5 Star Rating. We saw an advert in the Daily Mirror and decided to call. Shelley was very good with us as we were/are a bit sceptical. She answered all of the questions and made us realise we are not the only ones in this predicament. You would think timeshare resorts would try and help when health is the underling factor, but no. Lee and Diane have been very professional, in fact everyone we have spoken to has been so helpful and reassuring. We have had someone to talk to and Diane, our Client Liaison Officer, is at the end of the phone if we need her.

Mr & Mrs Love

Someone pointed us in your direction as we wanted to exit from our timeshare. Everything has gone okay and kept us informed as each stage developed. My wife dealt with any questions etc. on the phone and as far as I know, there are no complaints. The service has been excellent and if I knew any other timeshare owners I would recommend this service.

Mr & Mrs Apple

I saw an advert on tv, and thought that this would be a service I would require, as we wanted out of our timeshare. When we signed up to the timeshare, we were told different things from when we tried to actually book certain weeks; there was never any availability for when we wanted, and the maintenance was always increasing. My experience has been very good with ABC Lawyers, the advisors have been supportive with us. Anything I received through from my timeshare company, I was able to just pass along to ABC to deal with and then, if required, I could call the Legal Liaison Officers for any update. The service has been very good, and I would definitely recommend this service.

Mr Reid

5-star rating. Saw an advertisement in a caravan magazine, went on line and had a chat with someone in a chat box, this was followed up with a phone call. Everything has been spot on, no intrusion, just kept in touch when required. All the staff have their act together, and seem to know what they are doing, professional outfit from start to finish. Happy to move forward with ABC Lawyers.

Mrs Allan

5-star rating. My son saw an advert in his newspaper and got in touch for me. Jo was lovely, gave my options and how to go ahead if I wanted to have a meeting. It was encouraged my son come along, it’s never easy to do these things on your own. Meeting Phil and Diane has given us both peace of mind and has taken a great load off of our shoulders. I am not going to travel alone, now I have lost my husband, and my children don’t want it.

Mr & Mrs Young

We have now completed our exit with ABC Lawyers and are now trying to get compensation. It has been absolutely brilliant, it really has. We decided to go with you some time last year, I was a bit nervous. I have been dealing with Chloe and she has been fabulous, very nice, and I have been put at ease as I have been bitten a few times before. If you have a Merit board, please let everyone know that we are very pleased, we would rate you a 5/5. I would definitely recommend ABC Lawyers and I have people that I know who want to exit.

Mr & Mrs Naylor

5-star rating. We heard about you from a friend who knew we wanted to be away from our timeshare. From the phones call with Sarah and Gabriela to the meeting with Phil and Diane, everything has been great. Everything has been booked, explained, and each stage fully highlighted, with our situation in mind. Cannot fault the service, the people or the company.

Mr & Mrs Manley

Today has been extremely eye opening. During our meeting with Karen, we found out a lot of information that we didn’t already know, and that has been one of the biggest things that we got out of today. There have been no problems whatsoever. Everyone has been very helpful and friendly which is important when this is quite a daunting process for us. There hasn’t been one person who hasn’t been welcoming since we stepped through the doors. Star Rating *****

Mr & Mrs Young

5-star rating. We have tried another company but had nothing from them at all. Personal reasons do not allow us to use the timeshare now, so we need to be rid. Laura, who we first spoke to was friendly, helpful and not pushy, so we decided to book a visit to York on her advice. We are glad we did. Phil has been professional and above all thorough, he has given every option and we have learned so much. The contracts were easy to follow, and Diane supported and confirmed all that Laura and Phil had been through with us. So friendly, we know we have someone who will help and guide us through all this. No doubt a 5 in my mind.

Mr & Mrs Billin

Well, we were not sure what to expect today and in the back of your mind, you always wonder whether you are making the right decision, but we are so pleased that we came. We found your advert in Metro and we thought there wouldn’t be any harm in exploring what you can offer us. I phoned and spoke to a lady who was so helpful. Our Meeting with Rob has been fine, and again he has also been extremely helpful. We didn’t expect someone to say we were entitled to compensation, we were more concerned about not being able to use our timeshare anymore, as it is not compatible with our family lifestyle and we just want to get out of it, so compensation for us would be a real bonus.

Mr Nightingale

We had many great years with our timeshare when it was members only, since the accommodation has been made available to the public the resort has gone downhill. It´s a shame to see because it was so lovely but now the standards have slipped so much we don´t want to go anymore. Last year they charged us extra maintenance to replace the curtains and bed clothes, and when we went to stay nothing had been changed, the same old curtains were still hanging up. Definitely time for us to exit. Jean Pierre has explained the process to us very well and we are glad we attended today.

Mr & Mrs Smith

5-star rating. I had seen your advert in the Legion Magazine and Christine has seen various adverts elsewhere. We want to be away from our resort as we don’t want the kids to be burdened with it. When we got in touch, we felt we were being helped, not pushed into a meeting we did not want. We were in control and not pressured at all. As far as offices go, the office in York is modern and bright. Again, meeting Phil and Diane was not pressured and they came across as professional, informative and genuinely nice people. Glad we have taken the first steps in getting away from the timeshare that we no longer need, nor want.

Mr Nicholas

5-Star rating. I found ABC Lawyers online when researching. The timeshare has never been what it was portrayed. We have managed a couple of exchanges but mainly restricted to Spain or Tenerife. I wasn’t aware of any maintenance fees either! I have had discrepancies with the exchange company as well so glad to see the back of it.

Mr Pilling & Mrs Boulton

5 star rating. We saw your advert in the Sunday Magazine we get with the paper, and got in touch. First, we spoke to Jack, I think it was Jack, who really helped us, so we decided to come and see what ABC Lawyers could do. On meeting Tom, we were surprised there was no pressure involved, he sat with us, went through our paper work, then explained our options in a professional manner. Never was there any, you must do this, or you have no option but to do etc. Everything was pleasant and most informative. Both Tom & Diane were good at making us feel at ease, even going through the contracts was made easy by Diane. We are glad we came to York, a load has been taken away from us financially and emotionally.

Mr & Mrs Franco

It was my sister-in-law who booked the appointment for me, and she spoke to someone called Mark. She also came in this morning for her own appointment, so we thought we don’t really have anything to lose. Karen is so nice, she was extremely thorough and explained everything to us very well. We are really happy. We came here to see what you had to say, and even my husband is very impressed with each and every one of you. start rating *****.

Mr & Mrs Taylor

Our friends saw an advert in an inflight magazine and got in touch with us to ask if we would be interested. They told us about it We haven’t got the worry or upset anymore. It’s the peace of mind that it’s not hanging around our necks anymore. I don’t want to give it to my children, it’s just like giving them a debt really.

Mr & Mrs Goddard

We feel very positive about today and the processes involved. The last thing we want is for our kids to inherit our timeshare, so it’s great to know that we can stop this from happening whilst not been out of pocket.

Mr & Mrs White

We have got a certificate that declares that we are fully exited from our timeshare. Contact was originally made through an advert that we saw and then we received a phone to take it further. The experience with ABC Lawyers was very good and having received our certificate we are now proceeding with compensation. Everything seems to have gone according to plan, at least it’s given us closure. Paul was very good, the overall level of service we have was very good indeed. Yes, I would recommend ABC Lawyers service to other timeshare owners, if they want to get out of timeshare this seems to be the way to do it.

Mr & Mrs Cairns

We knew we were being told something, as I saw the advert on Facebook and William saw it in the newspaper. All the usual reasons for wanting to be out of the timeshare, maintenance, health, retirement & perpetuity. The boys, I say boys, they are grown with children of their own, want nothing to do with it. Basically decisions had to be made so here we are. People have been helpful, absolutely lovely to be honest. All our questions have been answered and we have peace of mind that professionals are helping.

Mr & Mrs Hubbard

We filled in a survey, and it came to light we are actually paying maintenance for no return. We don’t find flying comfortable, and UK holidays are none existent in the timeshare world as they are so popular. Plus, our time is taken up with the grandkids, as we get pleasure out of seeing them. We got lost on the way to you, and your concierge team were brilliant, they stayed on the phone directing us until we found the office. Everyone is so friendly.

Mr & Mrs Robson

We found the process informative. Our maintenance charges went up, we were not told, and it cost us a lot of money. We are happy you are helping us to get rid of our timeshare.

Ms Daish-Jenkins

I owned for a long time in Beverly Hills Club, and I really loved it there, but suddenly I was told I had to give up my week as they had sold the apartment. They changed my week to Hollywood Mirage, seemingly an upgrade, and although it is very nice, I much preferred where I was. They have changed so much without consulting the owners. I did ask them a while ago to take my week back, but they refused, and now this happens.

Mr & Mrs Harvey

Very good service. It is difficult trying to get your head around these things, but we had a brilliant meeting with Lisa. It has been harder and harder to use our timeshare, as there is never anything available. If everything goes well, we will definitely recommend.

Mr & Mrs Tindall

We saw your advert in the daily paper a while ago, then threw it away in error. Luckily, we saw it again in the TV magazine. We cannot go on holiday for health reasons, so we are paying maintenance for nothing. It is really not cost effect anymore, and the only thing that is going to happen is the fees are going to rise, so we need to look at our options. Once we called, everyone was so helpful. Explaining each process, confirming our appointment and basically answered the phone every time we called. We feel confident about the professionalism of the company.

Mr & Mrs Smith & Mr & Mrs Robertson

We have owned our timeshare for 8 years, however, we now want to get rid of it, because the service charges are just going up and up and up.

Mr & Mrs Barber

We found the process brilliant, far better than we expected, because now we can see light at the end of the tunnel, which we couldn’t until now. Everything has been explained clearly, and everything you said is logical. When we went to another company, our answer at the end of it was If it looks too good to be true, then it is probably too good to be true, we did not go with them, and now they have gone bankrupt.

Mr & Mrs Thompson

Today has been very good, and extremely reassuring. Our meeting with Lisa was a brilliant start to the day, because she explained everything so clearly, and let us know what to expect from the start. The way that you run things here is very efficient. The likely compensation is more than we anticipated, and we are looking forward to being out of the timeshare. 5-star rating.

Mr Hall & Mrs Wardlaw

5 Star rating. Mr Hall cannot fly anymore, and even if he could, the flight and travel to the resort would be too long. Plus, the exclusive beach and facilities we had are now open to the public, so anyone can use them. Due to Mr Hall’s health, and not being able to just give our weeks back, I got in touch with the Trading Standards and they passed me onto you. Everyone has been brilliant, I would give you a 7, if I could. We have been kept informed throughout about our appointment, and given information at the highest level. Very happy with the service.

Mr & Mrs Winterton

I originally saw you in the Telegraph and I received my exit certificate yesterday. With regards to my experience with the company, I would say so far, so good and I will be happy to get some compensation. I can’t grumble about anything.

Mr & Mrs Baggott

5 Star rating. This all started when I saw an advert on the TV, but then Ray was taken ill and we couldn’t come. You recently got back in touch with us, so we decided to take the offer to speak to someone again. The resort is getting run down, and we feel we are not getting what we paid for. Plus, we tried to get a guest apartment for our daughter and her family, and were told there were none. She got exactly the same resort, flights and transfers with Jet 2. How can that be? Nothing is exclusive any more. David and Diane have both been brilliant, accommodating, professional and friendly.

Mrs Whitehead & Mr Brown

I recall seeing your advert some time ago but didn’t get around to contacting you, but saw the advert again whilst at the dentist. From day one everyone has been very helpful, especially taking on board our circumstances. On a star rating of one to five, I would give you ten.

Mr & Mrs De Rochemont

5 star rating. We have tried before to get away from the timeshare, but have only ever met what we call thieves. Every time we go to the Resort they want more and more money from us. Our Children do not want this. We feel so relieved that it has now gone, my husband is 70 and we do not want this anymore. We will continue to holiday through a different source.

Mr & Mrs Shah

Today has been extremely helpful to us. We were worried and wary about coming here because we have lost a lot of money, but we now have every confidence that we will gain something from all of this. Our meeting with Lisa was very good.

Mr & Mrs Bridge

5 star rating. We contacted ABC Lawyers after seeing an advert in the Daily Express. We spoke to Jack & Lorraine who were really helpful, and as Jack said, ‘you don’t know what will happen if you don’t come.’ Wayne has explained everything down to the last, and makes a good cuppa too. The contracts were explained by Diane, and knowing she is there to talk to, if we have any questions is peace of mind. Everyone and everything has been helpful and so well organised, even down to the taxi being on time at the hotel. The weight that has been lifted from us has been tremendous, we did not want family to have to deal with this, once we were gone. We are glad we got in touch and we have made the right decision.

Mr & Mrs Dickinson

5-star Rating. I am self-employed, and what with the maintenance and tax bill at the beginning of the year, we had to look at things. We came with the intention of getting advice after seeing an insert in the Daily Mail, but we did not want to get rid of the timeshare. We have owned and used it every year for 13 years and are happy. Once the conversation started with Lee and got to discussing the resort, he asked if we knew you could just book it as a package holiday. Honestly, we thought we were part of an exclusive club with Anfi, but we were not. He even showed us how it can be booked on many sites, and that was what made us think. Why are we paying all this maintenance, at a time of year not suited to us, when it is there on the net to book separately in black and white. Lee was brilliant explaining our options and helping us get a grip of the situation. No pressure, just honest.

Mr Tolhurst

5-star Rating. Having decided that the timeshare is not big enough for us and the grandkids, we needed to re think the size of apartment etc. Also, as we are getting older, the way we want to holiday has changed, and the kids certainly don’t want to have it. Lee has been more than helpful in how he has explained things, and everyone has done what they said, at the time they said would. Very professional.

Mr & Mrs Brady

Today has been better than I thought, it has surpassed our expectations. The meeting with Robert has been good, he’s explained everything very well. We don’t want to pay maintenance anymore, and health wise we can’t use it anymore; we just want out. 5 Star.