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Mr & Mrs Apple

I saw an advert on tv, and thought that this would be a service I would require, as we wanted out of our timeshare. When we signed up to the timeshare, we were told different things from when we tried to actually book certain weeks; there was never any availability for when we wanted, and the maintenance was always increasing. My experience has been very good with ABC Lawyers, the advisors have been supportive with us. Anything I received through from my timeshare company, I was able to just pass along to ABC to deal with and then, if required, I could call the Legal Liaison Officers for any update. The service has been very good, and I would definitely recommend this service.

Mr Reid

5-star rating. Saw an advertisement in a caravan magazine, went on line and had a chat with someone in a chat box, this was followed up with a phone call. Everything has been spot on, no intrusion, just kept in touch when required. All the staff have their act together, and seem to know what they are doing, professional outfit from start to finish. Happy to move forward with ABC Lawyers.

Mr Hay

I found the advert for compensation on Facebook. It took a couple of weeks before I heard anything. I had actually forgotten that I made the enquiry. I am so glad that they did get in touch. I’ve paid for something that I have never ever used. Fabiana did a brilliant job of explaining the process.

Mr & Mrs Thorpe

I can’t believe we are finally here doing this at last. We have never been able to use our timeshare for various reasons and because of the way it was sold to us. We didn’t realise that the liability would be passed to our kids, which we of course do not want. I was comforted coming here today, as we now know we are not the only ones in this situation.

Mrs Allan

5-star rating. My son saw an advert in his newspaper and got in touch for me. Jo was lovely, gave my options and how to go ahead if I wanted to have a meeting. It was encouraged my son come along, it’s never easy to do these things on your own. Meeting Phil and Diane has given us both peace of mind and has taken a great load off of our shoulders. I am not going to travel alone, now I have lost my husband, and my children don’t want it.

Mr & Mrs Barr

Found the advert for compensation in the local paper. Fabia has been very helpful as was the girls on the phones. Looking forward to hopefully receiving some compensation which will be spent on a nice little holiday.

Mr & Mrs Freeborough

Today has been very eye opening but really helpful at the same time. Just talking to someone who sees people in our position everyday has been a huge weight off our minds. We don’t have anyone around us who own a timeshare, so it’s nice to know that we are not the only ones.

Mr & Mrs Thorpe

Everyone has been very nice, from when we first spoke to someone over the phone. Our advisors have been fine and we have had no problems. If they haven’t been able to answer my questions then someone always rang me back, we have had no problems at all. We owned our timeshare in Portugal and we really loved it, but it changed to all inclusive and we had things like hen parties and drunk people about. Apart from that we saw one of the reps there and told him we were in ill health, he told us a load of rubbish. We ended up on this route as we didn’t want the kids lumbered with it. Overall, everything has been fine, everyone has been really helpful with anything we have asked and now our exit has been completed we are waiting for compensation.

Mr & Mrs Jenseen

We were thinking about getting out of our timeshare. One of us is retired and the other has to carry on working in order to pay the maintenance costs and they keep increasing. We are not even sure how long we will be able to travel for. We can go away today confident that we have one less thing to worry about or pass on to our son, who really doesn’t want it.

Mr & Mrs Janseen

We were thinking about getting out of our timeshare. One of us is retired and the other has to carry on working in order to pay the maintenance costs and they keep increasing. We are not even sure how long we will be able to travel for. We can go away today confident that we have one less thing to worry about or pass on to our son, who really doesn’t want it.

Mr & Mrs Young

We have now completed our exit with ABC Lawyers and are now trying to get compensation. It has been absolutely brilliant, it really has. We decided to go with you some time last year, I was a bit nervous. I have been dealing with Chloe and she has been fabulous, very nice, and I have been put at ease as I have been bitten a few times before. If you have a Merit board, please let everyone know that we are very pleased, we would rate you a 5/5. I would definitely recommend ABC Lawyers and I have people that I know who want to exit.

Mr & Mrs Naylor

5-star rating. We heard about you from a friend who knew we wanted to be away from our timeshare. From the phones call with Sarah and Gabriela to the meeting with Phil and Diane, everything has been great. Everything has been booked, explained, and each stage fully highlighted, with our situation in mind. Cannot fault the service, the people or the company.

Mr & Mrs Whitford

After speaking with someone over the phone, I can say that I’m hopeful. I am now waiting on compensation and I want to wait and see what happens. The advisors have been very pleasant, very reassuring and very professional. I think its taken a while, but there are a lot of people and a lot of things to deal with. I’m not worried about the timescale. To date, everything has happened that you said would happen, so I have no reason to doubt that.

Mr & Mrs Manley

Today has been extremely eye opening. During our meeting with Karen, we found out a lot of information that we didn’t already know, and that has been one of the biggest things that we got out of today. There have been no problems whatsoever. Everyone has been very helpful and friendly which is important when this is quite a daunting process for us. There hasn’t been one person who hasn’t been welcoming since we stepped through the doors. Star Rating *****

Mr & Mrs O’Raw

4.5 rating. We did not realise the timeshare was in perpetuity and having a child of school age means a long, long, time. Plus, to exchange for school holidays is expensive and neigh on impossible. There was no pressure from Phil to go ahead, he just explained things through and made the coffees. The contracts were made easy to follow and explained again with no pressure by Diane. All in all, happy to move forward.

Mr & Mrs Baxter

Today has been really good. We did not know what to expect this morning as we have never been down this road before, but Karen explained everything to us so nicely and thoroughly. Everyone we have spoken to throughout this whole process has been extremely upfront with us which is brilliant.

Mr & Mrs Young

5-star rating. We have tried another company but had nothing from them at all. Personal reasons do not allow us to use the timeshare now, so we need to be rid. Laura, who we first spoke to was friendly, helpful and not pushy, so we decided to book a visit to York on her advice. We are glad we did. Phil has been professional and above all thorough, he has given every option and we have learned so much. The contracts were easy to follow, and Diane supported and confirmed all that Laura and Phil had been through with us. So friendly, we know we have someone who will help and guide us through all this. No doubt a 5 in my mind.

Mr & Mrs Shah

I saw an advert for ABC Lawyers on the internet while looking for the right company. When we met with Tom we were so, so happy and really excited. He was very reassuring, he was very confident and very clear in what he was telling us and then is when we decided that then and there that we would be going with ABC Lawyers. We have seen other companies before but after meeting Tom we decided, alright, he is the one. It is a good thing that it has been achieved. I was happy with ABC Lawyers, every question that we had, Tom answered straight away. The overall level of service is great, we were very confident and happy that we were with the right place. We are now waiting to see about our compensation. Definitely, I would recommend ABC Lawyers to other timeshare owners. My experience with Tom and the paperwork were very quick and very efficient.

Mr & Mrs Muharrem

Today has been very helpful. We have been wanting to get out of our timeshare since we discovered it will be passed onto our kids. Our meeting with Karen has made us feel very hopeful and we finally feel like we are really getting somewhere with this. We have some friends who are in a similar position to us with their timeshare, and we will definitely be letting them know of your services.

Mr Saunders & Ms Parker

We didn´t quite know what to expect today, we came with an open mind and hope we could claim some compensation. Everyone has been great so far and our meeting with Ian has been very informative and productive. We are glad we came and would recommend ABC Lawyers to anyone seeking Timeshare compensation.

Mr & Mrs McCabe

We are honestly just relieved to get some help, we thought we were stuck with this. There have been one or two people in the past, but we didn’t feel right with them, and for some reason I didn’t want to go ahead, something kept stopping me. So, I thought I would come in person to see, but I haven’t felt like that today.

Mr Bunn

I paid to get the deeds signed over to my sole name, after a break up of a relationship. The point was so I could sell the timeshare. When I had done so, I was informed that Spanish Law had changed again, and still needed the permission of the other person. As you can imagine, I was not happy. This seems the best way to get out of my contract and try get some money back. The people I have spoken to seem to know what they are doing, so I feel happy I have done the right thing.

Mr & Mrs Dimelow

We found the meeting very good, excellent in fact. All questions have been answered so far, everyone is very pleasant, and it was presented in a good way. We are pleased, because we have never used our timeshare.

Mr & Mrs Long

As soon as we made the appointment, we were contacted by another company, but we told them we were happy with our meeting, and everything was clear.

Mr & Mrs Johnson

After dealing with and paying another company for around 2 years and getting nowhere, we contacted ABC after seeing an advert in a newspaper. Within 3 months we were no longer Timeshare owners. The service they provided was certainly efficient and effective, they were always available to answer any questions we had, and we would definitely recommend them in the future.

Mrs Cummings & Mr Birch

All our questions were answered, and we found it fine. Before we came we thought we would be disappointed, and you would say you couldn’t do anything for us, so I was surprised. It gives me new hope.

Mr & Mrs Sargeant

I was reading a magazine in the dentist’s waiting room and saw your advert. We had been sold a product in Tenerife complete with a promise to be able to sell if we wanted to. As you can imagine, when we wanted out, the offer was not there anymore. We decided to come see what was on offer here, as we don’t use the timeshare any more. Wayne gave our options in a very professional manner. There was no pressure on us, so we made the decision to go ahead. Everyone has been very helpful.

Mr & Mrs Penn

It was a lot to take in, but we found it very helpful. I like the fact that, if we receive any compensation, it is paid into our bank.

Mr & Mrs Millar

We have owned the Timeshare for 7 years, and not used it much because we can never get what we want, and now not only do we have to pay a maintenance fee but also a charge for each point that we use, so in effect paying twice. We are glad to see the back of it.

Mr & Mrs Green

When we retire we don’t particularly want to just go to Tenerife anymore, plus we don’t want to leave a debt with our son. We got into the timeshare, why should he end up with it. We have been contacted by companies before, and lost money, so were dubious about dealing with this. I have been off work, so instead of just catching the sport in the paper I have been reading it, saw your advert, and contacted you. We feel in control and happy about the way we have been treated, from the initial phone call to the meeting. We are glad that we have a company, which we chose, to help us.

Mr & Mrs Wood

I think you’ve covered everything that I can think of, and we are happy with what we heard. Thank you very much.

Mr & Mrs White

We have never had a specific room at our resort but, if we booked early, we could request a sea view or at least a nice one. The last time we were told it would be 1,700 euros to book a sea view, there is nothing for loyalty anymore. To be honest, the standard has gone down and the maintenance up, plus we did not realise that perpetuity was part of the contract. When we bought the timeshare, we were told we could ‘will’ it to someone, not that it becomes part of our estate. We saw an advert in the newspaper, so decided it was time to look at our options. Everyone has been fabulous, so helpful and friendly.

Mr & Mrs Davies

There is a plan, but we are glad that, if you can’t do anything for us, we will get our legal fees back. It is very good. You are always filled with dread when it comes to this subject, you feel embarrassed about being in this situation, however, I would refer friends to your place.

Mr & Mrs Sharkey

We like the Jive Hippo online shopping.

Mr & Mrs Hubbard

We filled in a survey, and it came to light we are actually paying maintenance for no return. We don’t find flying comfortable, and UK holidays are none existent in the timeshare world as they are so popular. Plus, our time is taken up with the grandkids, as we get pleasure out of seeing them. We got lost on the way to you, and your concierge team were brilliant, they stayed on the phone directing us until we found the office. Everyone is so friendly.

Mr & Mrs Vale

We approached this meeting with great trepidation, and we explained to our advisor Tom that you are not the first company that we have tried. We had seen two companies before, one in the UK and another in Spain, and had not felt comfortable enough to give them our business.

Mr & Mrs Sault

The compensation is a bonus, if it comes, but the main thing is that we get rid of this timeshare. The meeting was good, very informative, and we got rid of the timeshare.

Mr & Mrs Arbon

ArbonMy husband saw an advert in a newspaper and we went to an appointment in Bournemouth, we met with Karen and she was good. The legal liaison advisors were helpful enough, their knowledge is very good. We’re both pleased and relieved to be exited out of timeshare. Overall this is a good service 4*.

Mr & Mrs Mason

We found the process good, and were happy with what we heard on the day.

Mr Robins

Thanks very much, you covered the material very quickly and efficiently.